(Washington, DC) - Today, the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology passed two significant bills which advance our leadership in quantum sciences and strengthen our commercial space sector.

“I’m pleased to advance these two critical pieces of legislation to secure America’s global competitiveness in the science and space fields,” Chairman Frank Lucas (R-OK) said. “Both bills were developed with significant stakeholder input and have drawn strong support, ensuring the success of these industries moving forward.”

“H.R. 6213 will harness the accomplishments of the Committee’s 2018 National Quantum Initiative Act to conduct breakthrough research, drive new quantum applications, bolster industry partnerships, and invigorate the quantum ecosystem. As China and Russia are actively making notable investments in quantum systems, we must maintain our momentum to secure our leadership position in this revolutionary field, and this bill does just that,” Lucas said.

“H.R. 6131 is critical to supporting America’s commercial space economy, as it streamlines the regulatory environment, ensures compliance with international treaty obligations, reduces administrative burdens, and promotes best practices in orbit. Promoting a transparent, responsible environment here at home will strengthen our domestic industry and encourage an arena rife with innovation,” Lucas added.

“I look forward to working with my colleagues as we move these bills forward in the legislative process.”

Bill Details:

H.R. 6213, The National Quantum Initiative Reauthorization Act reauthorizes the National Quantum Initiative Act ensuring continued U.S. leadership in quantum technology.

View the Executive SummarySection by Section, and Fact Sheet.

H.R. 6131, Commercial Space Act of 2023 updates the government oversight of commercial space activities to promote, streamline, and strengthen the commercial space sector and enable the continuation of U.S. leadership in space.

View the Executive SummarySection by Section, and Fact Sheet.