H.R. 6131, the Commercial Space Act of 2023

November 2, 2023

Bill Status: Passed by Full Committee
Last Action: 11/29/23


H.R. 6131, the Commercial Space Act of 2023


To amend title 51, United States Code, to update government oversight of commercial space activities, and for other purposes.


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Letters of Support

Ad Astra

We support this clear and concise legislation. Consistent government support sends a strong message to the private markets that stimulates competition, innovation, and investment. All of which are necessary for the further development of our systems. - Franklin Chang Diaz, Chairman and CEO, Ad Astra Rocket Company

Advanced Space

"I write in support of the Committee’s legislation to promote a transparent and predictable regulatory environment that will strengthen the U.S. commercial space sector’s global competitiveness, unleash American innovation, and ensure safety and sustainability in space." - Bradley Cheetham, CEO and Co-founder, Advanced Space, LLC

Aerospace Industries Association

"We appreciate the Committee working with the aerospace industry to examine and update the laws governing the commercial space sector. Since the last comprehensive commercial space bill in 2015, the U.S. space industry has seen tremendous growth and increasing importance to our economic and national security success in space." - Mike French, Vice President, Space Systems, Aerospace Industries Association

Blue Origin

"We applaud the introduction of the Commercial Space Act of 2023, which will help ensure that America provides a hospitable legal and regulatory environment for innovative commercial space companies." - Megan Mitchell, Vice President, Government Relations, Blue Origin

Commercial Spaceflight Federation

"We applaud the Committee for moving forward with this product to support the domestic commercial space industry. The bill has a number of critical provisions, including an extension of the learning period, support for ISAM, and the creation of a light-touch, sensible mission authorization framework." - Mary Guenther, Vice President of Space Policy, Commercial Spaceflight Federation

HawkEye 360

"We applaud the Committee’s policy objectives of enabling U.S. industry and promoting the U.S. as the jurisdiction of choice for commercial space companies." - Dennis Burnett, General Counsel, HawkEye 360


"The bill will help ensure U.S. leadership in space exploration and the development of the space economy." - Tim Ellis, Cofounder & CEO, Relativity Space

Space Frontier Foundation

"While humanity already depends on GPS, remote sensing, weather satellites, and communication satellites for its daily needs, as we extend further into the cosmos with activities like private space stations, space solar power, and space mining, there is a desperate need for ensuring clear, concise, and limited oversight. In that context, we applaud the work that the Chairmen and their staff did in developing H.R. 6131. We strongly support the passage of the bill." - Sean Mahoney, Executive Director and Chairman of the Board, Space Frontier Foundation

Sierra Space

"The importance of the Commercial Space Reauthorization Bill and other legislation in this arena cannot be overstated. We are supportive of Subcommittee on Space & Aeronautics Chairman Brian Babin's legislation, H.R. 6131, moving forward, particularly as it includes provisions that are important to the emerging industry." - Tim Keating, Senior Vice President, Global Government Operations and Chief Strategy Officer, Sierra Space Corporation

Space Interactions

"The Commercial Space Act of 2023 represents a significant step forward in establishing the frameworks necessary for this growing industry. This bill represents not just regulatory necessities but a catalyst for innovation and technological advancement for our nation. By addressing orbital debris and SSA challenges, the bill ensures a safer and more sustainable environment for all space activities, which is essential for the ongoing success of the U.S. commercial space industry." - Dan Schutter, CEO & Cofounder, Space Interactions, Inc. 


"SpaceX writes in support of H.R. 6131, the Commercial Space Act of 2023. This timely legislation would put into action important policy updates and regulatory modernization that is essential to maintaining the competitiveness of the U.S. commercial space industry, while protecting public safety. The policy updates in H.R. 6131 are critical measures to ensure that key national policy objectives like NASA’s Artemis Program and national security space initiatives can be timely executed."Mat Dunn, Senior Director, Global Business & Government Affairs, SpaceX


"We believe that this proposed legislation holds significant promise for the future of the commercial space industry and its continued growth and innovation. We believe that the commercial space industry is poised to make a significant impact on the global stage, and this legislation will be instrumental in realizing that potential." - Thomas Cavett, VP Government Affairs and Strategy, Tomorrow.io


"This bill is a crucial step forward for the commercial space industry. By taking a common-sense approach to authorizing in-space activities, the legislation will lay a foundation that many in the industry will be able to see the benefit of in the very near future." - Will Bruey, CEO, Varda Space Industries, Inc. 

Venus Aerospace

"I am writing to support H.R. 6131, the Commercial Space Act of 2023. This thoughtful legislation will strengthen the United States' leadership in the global space economy." - Sarah Duggleby, CEO and Cofounder, Venus Aerospace 

Virgin Galactic

"This legislation comes at a critical juncture for the U.S. commercial human spaceflight. As the number of flights with spaceflight participants begins to grow, this legislation would help protect that growth by extending the FAA regulatory learning period and risk-sharing provisions of the Commercial Space Launch Act."Sirisha Bandla, VP of Government Affairs & Research Operations, Virgin Galactic