WASHINGTON – Today, the House of Representatives unanimously approved S. 7, the NASA Enhanced Use Lease Extension Act of 2018, sponsored by Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss). The bipartisan bill is now on its way to the President’s desk.

S.7 enables commercial access to valuable NASA infrastructure and facilities. NASA’s enhanced use lease authority gives NASA a crucial tool to partner with the private sector.

Chairman Smith:

“NASA’s enhanced use lease authority is a win-win for taxpayers and the private sector by letting commercial companies leverage NASA investment. For instance, NASA used EUL authority to lease SpaceX the historic Apollo and Space Shuttle launch Pad 39A, promoting the transition from all-government space activities to commercial ventures.

I would like to thank Senator Roger Wicker for his leadership on this bill, which will allow NASA to continue to implement this key authority while Congress works out a long-term solution on NASA’s use of excess property.”

Text of the bill can be found here.