Washington, DC –Today, Reps. Ralph M. Hall (R-TX), Chairman of the Science, Space, and Technology Committee, and Steven Palazzo (R-MS), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics, released the following statements honoring the fallen heroes of Apollo 1, Columbia, and Challenger:

Chairman Hall:

“NASA’s Day of Remembrance, established in the wake of the Columbia tragedy to honor those who gave their lives to the cause of exploration and discovery, is a day that holds particular weight with me. Having served on the Science, Space, and Technology Committee since first coming to serve in Washington in 1980, I remember the devastating impact of these accidents, not only in the Congress, but also back home in Texas.

“It is important that we not forget the sacrifice and bravery of the individuals involved. We honor them today, and we strive to carry on their legacy by continuing their work to better America through space exploration and scientific discovery.”

Chairman Palazzo:

 “The history of putting Man on the Moon and exploring space has not been without moments of great sadness.  The brave souls who gave their lives in the push to expand our understanding of the universe have not been forgotten.  They are the eternal custodians of one of our country’s most noble causes.”