Washington, D.C. – Science, Space, and Technology Committee Chairman Lamar Smith today sent a letter to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy requesting documents and communications related to a risk assessment for glyphosate prepared by the Cancer Assessment Review Committee (CARC).

On Friday the EPA posted what appears to be the final risk assessment to their website and subsequently removed the report stating it was posted “inadvertently.” The report was clearly marked as “Final Report” and signed by the thirteen members of CARC.

Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas): “The EPA’s backtracking on the finality of its own science review committee’s  report raises concerns about the agency’s willingness to provide a fair assessment on this matter. That the EPA would remove a report, which was marked as a ‘Final Report’ and signed by thirteen scientists, appears to be yet another example of this agency’s attempt to allow politics rather than science drive its decision making.  Sound, transparent science should always be the basis for EPA’s decisions.”    

The full letter can be found here