Washington D.C. – Following the release of the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future (BRC) Report to the Secretary of Energy, Science, Space, and Technology Committee Chairman Ralph Hall (R-TX), issued the following statement:

I welcome the release of the report and look forward to its thoughtful review by the Science, Space, and Technology Committee.   Nuclear energy will continue to be an integral piece of America’s energy portfolio, and identifying a workable path forward to manage nuclear waste, including new technology pathways, deserves consideration.  I thank the Blue Ribbon Commission panel for its hard work, particularly the leadership of its Co-Chairmen, General Scowcroft and former Congressman Hamilton. 

“President Obama threw the future of U.S. nuclear waste management into disarray when he unilaterally decided to terminate the Yucca Mountain repository.  While by law Yucca Mountain continues to be the only designated permanent repository for high-level radioactive waste, sensible steps to make it easier for future generations to manage nuclear waste warrant examination. The BRC’s Report is a productive contribution to that ongoing discussion.

“In the meantime, American taxpayers deserve to see the results of their $15 billion investment in Yucca Mountain, including the results of the comprehensive scientific review, which have yet to be released.  At a time when the country desperately needs a comprehensive, all-of-the-above energy strategy – including expanded use of nuclear energy – the lack of a permanent storage solution continues to burden existing nuclear plants and increase liability to the American taxpayer.

“I look forward to an informative hearing in the coming weeks to review the Commission’s report.”