Washington, DC – Last evening, Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight Chairman Paul Broun (R-GA) sent several letters to agency officials regarding multiple incidents relating to the misuse, mischaracterization, and manipulation of science, relating to the BP Oil Spill. 

 The letters seek answers relating to the following:

  • The development of the Administration’s Oil Budget;
  • The determination that “75 percent of the oil is gone”;
  • The mischaracterization of peer review relating to the Department of Interior’s Report titled, “Increased Safety Measures for Energy Development on the Outer Continental Shelf.”
  • The mischaracterization of peer review associated with the Oil Budget; and
  • The muzzling of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists related to worst-case flow rates.

“I have sought answers to these questions for months and have been stonewalled in my efforts to shed light on how science was used, or misused, to make decisions relating to this national tragedy,” said Chairman Broun.  “Time and time again, press reports and independent investigations have highlighted instances where science was ignored or muzzled, peer review was mischaracterized, and spin control trumped transparency.”

The full letters can be found on the Science, Space, and Technology Committee website HERE