Thank you, M. Speaker.

I rise in support of H.R. 302, the Energy Cybersecurity University Leadership Act of 2023, led by Representative Ross and Representative Carey.

Cyberattacks from foreign adversaries on the U.S. energy sector present a major and constantly evolving threat to our national security, energy independence, and global competitiveness.

Multiple attacks over the past few years have shown us that whether it’s our liquified natural gas industry, our electric grid, or even our national laboratories, all critical U.S. energy assets can be attractive targets for adversarial cyber campaigns. 

Troublingly, many of these cyberattacks are just preparations for future operations. As the FBI, CISA, and other security agencies have warned, the CCP is using smaller attacks now to provide inroads so they can inflict major damage to our energy infrastructure in the future. 

The threats to our energy cybersecurity have only increased recently, due to several factors, like the war in Ukraine, increased aggression from the CCP, and the development of new energy technologies and grid modernization practices. 

To protect our energy sector, we need to take a whole of government approach, and the Department of Energy plays a central role in planning for and countering these attacks.

H.R. 302 is one way to support DOE’s energy cybersecurity mission. This is important and bipartisan legislation that will help address expanding vulnerabilities in our energy sector by strengthening the next generation of our energy cybersecurity workforce.

I’d like to thank my colleague Representative Ross for reintroducing this timely bill, and Representative Carey for joining her as the Republican lead of this bipartisan effort.

On the Science Committee, energy cybersecurity initiatives have long been a bipartisan priority. H.R. 302 is just the beginning of our work on this issue in the 118th Congress.

I pledge to continue working with you all to pass legislation that will keep the U.S. energy sector safe, reliable, and competitive for years to come.

I urge my colleagues to support this bill and I reserve the balance of my time.