H.R. 9334, the Quantum in Practice Act

November 17, 2022

Bill Status: Introduced
Last Action: 11/17/2022


H.R. __The Quantum in Practice Act


Amends the National Quantum Initiative Act to include quantum molecular simulations and modeling

As breakthroughs in quantum computing begin to emerge, the increased capabilities of molecular modeling and simulations have incredible potential. The increased accuracy, speed, and output of quantum computing will allow industries to take theoretical modeling of molecules and their reactions and put them into practice at scale. The potential breakthroughs across industries and sectors include:

  • Fertilizer - Modeling the nitrogen fixation process utilized by bacteria, which could be used to develop synthetic fertilizers without the high energy and material costs of current methods, creating the next generation of fertilizers;
  • Safer Medicines - Creating more effective medications and reducing harmful interactions or side effects
  • Energy Storage - Developing new materials to increase energy storage capacity and create more powerful battery technologies
  • New Metals - Developing lighter, stronger metals;
  • Protective Gear - Creating materials for more durable protective gear for law enforcement and military; and
  • Conductors - Developing new types of superconductors.


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