WASHINGTON - The U.S. House Science, Space, and Technology Committee today announced growing support for H.R. 6227, the National Quantum Initiative Act. The committee unanimously approved the legislation Wednesday. Keep reading to see what they’re saying.

“Quantum Information Sciences, or QIS, holds the promise of major potential applications in both the physical and biological sciences. The administration has already prioritized this topic, and we look forward to continued partnership with Congress in pursuing this crucial computing technology.”Paul Dabbar, Undersecretary for Science, Department of Energy 

“The National Photonics Initiative (NPI) and its co-signed industry and university stakeholders commend the House Committee on Science, Space, & Technology for introducing the National Quantum Initiative Act of 2018. This legislation represents an important first step in the establishment of a comprehensive federal policy to foster quantum research and technology development and build the needed workforce.” National Photonics Initiative

“The Quantum Industry Coalition strongly supports the National Quantum Initiative Act because we believe it takes important steps toward establishing US quantum leadership. The bill takes a coordinated, government-wide approach to quantum R&D, which will help reduce gaps and overlaps. It promotes workforce development, which is key to the US quantum industry’s growth. It engages with industry, which will help accelerate R&D, create jobs, and develop new capabilities for US government use. And it avoids common pitfalls like mandating specific technologies or picking winners and losers in the marketplace.”Paul Stimers, executive director, Quantum Industry Coalition

“As an organization representing the computing research community— including more than 200 PhD-granting departments of computing, 11 industrial research labs, and 6 affiliated computing societies—the Computing Research Association is pleased to offer our support of your efforts to enact the National Quantum Initiative. The bill establishes a needed focus on Quantum Information Science and a framework of government resources, advisory committees and coordinating offices to ensure that progress in this area proceeds with adequate support, and that the United States continues in a leadership role in developing this potentially revolutionary technology.”Susan B. Davidson, chair, Computing Research Association

“We believe this piece of legislation provides much-needed guidance for a robust national quantum information science strategy. The ‘whole government approach’ in this bill is indicative of a well thought out strategy to promote quantum research and development for the United States’ economic and national security.” Scott Totzke, CEO & co-founder, ISARA Corporation

Letters of support for the National Quantum Initiative Act (H.R. 6227)can be found here:

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