Washington D.C. – Today, Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX), Chairman of the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, released the following statement regarding a draft report from the Shale Gas Subcommittee of the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board on the production of shale gas through hydraulic fracturing. 

“I am pleased to see the Subcommittee’s draft report acknowledge significant economic and energy benefits associated with increased natural gas production, while at the same time determining the risk of drinking water contamination from hydraulic fracturing to be ‘remote.’  As expressed by a diverse panel of experts at our Committee’s May 11 hearingon the issue, not a single case of drinking water contamination has ever been substantiated in the U.S.


“Breakthroughs in technology have transformed this shale gas production from a minor player to a major contributor to U.S. natural gas supplies.  Further advancements by industry will continue to provide innovative ways to safely produce natural gas, however, the Subcommittee recommends a role for Federal research and development in unconventional oil and gas basic research, environmental protection and safety.


“The draft report’s initial recommendations provide a contrast to the EPA’s unjustified campaign attacking hydraulic fracturing.  The shale gas industry is already undertaking voluntary and productive measures to reduce environmental impacts through safety and technology innovation. I believe states should continue to serve as primary regulators as they remain best positioned to ensure safe and environmentally sound domestic energy production.