Panel I:

Mr. John Eney
Former Head, Aircraft Conceptual Design Group, Naval Air
Development Center (NADC) and Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR)

Dr. William Scheuren
Was on a DARPA review team that provided a critical evaluation
of the technical merits of the DP-2 concept in 1990 

Mr. Mark Deadrick
Former Manufacturing Engineering Manager, duPont Aerospace

Panel II:

Mr. Anthony duPont
President, duPont Aerospace Company 

Panel III:

Mr. John F. Kinzer
Deputy Director of the Air Warfare and Naval Weapons Division at
the Office of Naval Research and the DP-2 Program Manager 

Mr. G. Warren Hall
Chairman of ONR’s DP-2 Airworthiness Review Panel and
Assistant Director for Aviation and Chief Test Pilot at NASA Ames Research Center 

Lt. Col. Michael Tremper (USAFR)
Defense Contract Management Agency,
Government Flight Representative to duPont Aerospace Company

The duPont Aerospace DP-2 Aircraft

Hearing Charter