(Washington, D.C.) – Today, House Science, Space, and Technology Committee Chairman Frank Lucas (R-OK) and Ranking Member Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), along with Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee Chairman Brian Babin (R-TX) and Ranking Member Eric Sorensen (D-IL), released legislation to reauthorize NASA. The bill reaffirms our nation’s unwavering commitment to leading global space and science endeavors and ensures NASA maintains its position as the world’s premier space agency.

Highlights of the NASA Reauthorization Act of 2024:

  • Continues to provide overarching support and direction for human space exploration, including both the Artemis and Moon to Mars Programs.
  • Directs the maximum possible utilization and productivity of the International Space Station while transitioning to a future supported by commercial services.
  • Promotes space technology development, ensuring we are equipped with the appropriate tools and infrastructure as our lunar presence grows.
  • Supports transformative aeronautics research and development by advancing the next generation of aviation technology.
  • Fosters scientific discovery and expands our collective knowledge, encouraging NASA to maintain a balanced scientific portfolio with a steady cadence of missions.

“As we witness an increase in global space competition, it is crucial that NASA remains at the forefront, and the NASA reauthorization bill achieves just that,” Chairman Lucas said. “It provides comprehensive support for significant advancements in human space exploration, prioritizing our ambitious missions to the Moon, Mars, and beyond. The bill also tackles near-term priorities, including the significant operations of the International Space Station and the continuous development of scientific research and innovative technology, laying the groundwork for next-generation systems. Many thanks to my colleagues on both sides of the aisle and the hardworking staff for their efforts in maintaining our nation’s powerful space program. The result is a thorough product that maintains program sustainability and fiscal responsibility, setting up the agency for long-term success. I am eager to advance this critical legislation through our committee markup this week and continue our efforts on the House floor.”

“NASA has been at the forefront of innovation and discovery for decades,” said Ranking Member Lofgren. “It’s because of strong support from Congress and a willingness to seek solutions to our most pressing challenges that NASA has achieved so much. Without bolstered support for NASA, our leadership in space is at great risk. I’m glad to join Chairman Lucas in introducing this bipartisan NASA reauthorization and I look forward to continuing to work on this bill as it moves through our Committee.”

“The NASA Reauthorization Act of 2024 paves the path forward for NASA and our preeminent space industry,” said Chairman Babin. “This vital piece of legislation authorizes critical programs to strengthen our presence in low Earth orbit, ensure the continued operation of the International Space Station, guide the Artemis program, enable the development of new space suits, support the Moon to Mars program, and much more.

“Furthermore, this bill supports NASA by providing direction for our space program while ensuring we continue to lead the world in exploration and scientific achievement. With growing adversaries like China, we must guarantee mission readiness and ensure the U.S. maintains the high ground in space and science for generations to come. Our commercial partners have and will continue to play an integral role in the success of that mission. I’m proud to sponsor this bill and will not stop working until we get it across the finish line.”

“For decades, NASA has taught us what it means to achieve the impossible, push the limits of our own knowledge, and break barriers in research and science,” said Ranking Member Sorensen. “From the Mars Rover and the James Webb Space Telescope to the ongoing Artemis mission, NASA has led the way in trying to solve humanity’s biggest questions. If we want to continue to search for answers and lead the world in growing our scientific knowledge, NASA needs strong support from Congress to advance our nation’s space program. I want to thank Chairs Lucas, Babin, and Ranking Member Lofgren for continuing to work in a bipartisan way and for including my bill to promote interagency collaboration between NASA and other departments in this important legislation. We look forward to taking this bill up in Committee and advancing it to the entire House for consideration.”

Read the full text here.

Read the Section-by-Section and Fact Sheet.

Markup of the NASA Reauthorization Act of 2024 will be on July 10th at 10:00 am.