(Washington, DC) - Today, House Science, Space, and Technology Committee Chairman Frank Lucas (R-OK) and Ranking Member Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) introduced H.R. 6213, the National Quantum Initiative Reauthorization Act, to advance quantum science and technology in the United States and maintain our global leadership position.

As competing nations like China and Russia are actively investing in the development of quantum systems, continuing our success in this field is critical to our economic competitiveness and national security. The National Quantum Initiative Reauthorization Act builds off the accomplishments of the National Quantum Initiative Act, passed by the Science Committee and signed into law in 2018, and ensures we continue to accelerate breakthroughs in quantum sciences and strengthen our quantum ecosystem to keep America competitive for decades to come.

“I am proud to lead this critical bipartisan piece of legislation to advance America’s leadership in emerging technologies,” Chairman Lucas said. “Quantum technologies are actively changing our scientific landscape, and we must ensure we are at the forefront, breaking down quantum barriers while leading with our democratic values. H.R. 6213 will harness our progress from the National Quantum Initiative Act to continue our development in basic quantum research, while also moving real-world quantum applications forward. There’s no time to lose momentum, and I’m confident this bill will empower the government, private sector, and academia to keep working together to advance leading-edge quantum systems.”

“Quantum information science and technology harnesses and controls physics at the smallest scales to improve our capabilities in sensing, networking, and computing,” Ranking Member Lofgren said. “The 2018 National Quantum Initiative Act enabled the U.S. science and technology enterprise to progress tremendously in this critical technology. We must now build upon these original investments to ensure the United States can remain the world leader in quantum—this bill will do that and more. From strengthening pathways to move quantum technologies from lab to market to fostering international collaboration with our allies and securing the quantum supply chain, this bipartisan reauthorization is a crucial step in advancing our quantum capabilities. I am also confident that by strengthening federal support for quantum, we will help position American labs and private companies to achieve incredible breakthroughs in practical quantum technologies. I thank Chairman Lucas for his leadership and partnership on this important bill.”

 Highlights of the National Quantum Initiative Reauthorization Act:

  • Requires the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to develop a strategy for carrying out cooperative quantum research efforts with allies of the United States to bolster competitiveness against China and Russia.
  • Authorizes NIST to establish up to three centers to advance research in quantum sensing, measurement, and engineering.
  • Strengthens student traineeship, fellowship, and other workforce programs at NSF.
  • Authorizes the creation of a new NSF multidisciplinary coordination hub to create new workforce pipelines between educational institutions and the larger quantum industry ecosystem.
  • Authorizes the creation of new quantum testbeds through the TIP Directorate.
  • Directs the Secretary of Energy to develop a strategy for promoting the commercialization of quantum computing.
  • Authorizes the DOE to support the development of quantum foundries to meet the device and material needs of the quantum supply chain.
  • Formally authorizes quantum R&D activities at NASA and the creation of a quantum institute at the agency.

Full text of the bill can be found here.

Read a Section-by-Section, Executive Summary, and Fact Sheet.