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Oct 18, 2000 Article

Second Session (2000)

Marine Research and Related Environmental Research and Development Programs Authorization Act of 2000
Bill Number
Jun 23, 2000 Press Release

On Wednesday, the House adopted H.R.

May 25, 2000 Press Release

Congress today approved a measure that included provisions from a bill sponsored by Congressman Mark Udall (D-CO), a member of the House Science Committee, which establishes a coordinated interagency research and development program in the use of biomass for the production of energy, fuels and other products.  The provi

Feb 15, 2000 Press Release

Congressman Joseph Hoeffel (D-PA) today offered an amendment to the Networking and Information Technology Research and Development bill (H.R.

Jan 21, 2000 Press Release

In a speech at the California Institute of Technology, the President unveiled science and technology program highlights from the administration’s FY2001 budget submission.  Among the agencies slated for an increase are the National Institutes of Health, which would receive a $1 billion increase, and the National Science Foundation, which would receive a $675 million increase - 17% a

Sep 10, 1999 Press Release
By a unanimous vote (41-0), the Science Committee has approved H.R. 2086, legislation providing for a five-year doubling of basic research needed to underpin future technological advances in information technology.
Apr 29, 1999 Press Release
Congressman Bart Gordon rejected complaints that the Spallation Neutron Source, a $1.36 billion program to build a high-intensity, pulsed neutron beam facility, may not meet its goals and needs to be delayed.