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Revitalizing American Science and Innovation for the 21st Century

At the very core of the CHIPS and Science Act is the goal to revitalize American science and innovation for the 21st century. It is time for us to renew and strengthen federal support for the kinds of research and development initiatives that have long made the U.S. a beacon of excellence in science and innovation.

The CHIPS and Science Act is ushering in a bold and prosperous future for our nation by ensuring we are able to compete globally and remain global leaders in science. Every section of the bill has a key role to play in achieving that goal. Learn more by viewing the fact sheets below.  

Title I: Department of Energy Science for the Future

Title II: National Institute of Standards and Technology For The Future

Title III: National Science Foundation for the Future

Title III: Bioeconomy Research and Development

Title V: Broadening Participation in Science

Title VI: Miscellaneous Science and Technology Provisions

Title VII: National Aeronautics and Space Administration Authorization Act