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Press Releases

April 09, 2021

Chairwoman Johnson Statement on President Biden’s FY22 Discretionary Budget Request

(Dallas, TX) - Today, President Biden released his Fiscal Year 2022 discretionary budget request. Chairwoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) made the following statement. "I am pleased to see strengthened investments in federal research and development in President Biden's budget request announced today. The Biden Administration has made it clear we are moving forward with science at the forefront of decision making-a vitally important move to bolster our innovation enterprise and provide a …  Continue Reading 

April 07, 2021

Chairwomen Johnson and Sherrill Applaud EPA Administrator on Actions to Strengthen Environmental Justice

(Washington, DC) - Today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Michael Regan directed all EPA offices to immediately integrate environmental justice considerations into their plans and actions. Additionally, the Administrator is engaging environmental justice leaders and underserved communities directly to discuss the importance of EPA leadership as it relates to the burden of pollution on those communities. This announcement comes just one week after the White House formed …  Continue Reading 

March 31, 2021

Chairwoman Johnson Statement on Biden’s American Jobs Plan

(Dallas, TX) -Today, President Joe Biden unveiled his infrastructure proposal, the American Jobs Plan. Chairwoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) made the following statement. "It is well past time that we make significant investments in the country's transportation infrastructure, but that alone is far from sufficient to meet the needs of this moment. We must also make broad investments to update our energy grid, clean up our environment, help make communities across the country more …  Continue Reading 

March 31, 2021

Chairwoman Johnson Statement on Overhaul of Science Advisory Committees at EPA

(Dallas, TX) - Today, it was reported that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is overhauling the Science Advisory Board (SAB) and Clean Air Scientific Advisory Council (CASAC), two advisory committees that were seriously damaged by Trump-era appointments and management decisions. The decision to dismiss and reconstitute these committees serves as a corrective measure following the impacts of a prohibition on EPA grant recipients that was in place from 2017 until it was declared illegal …  Continue Reading 

March 29, 2021

Chairwoman Johnson Lauds the Formation of the White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council

(Dallas, TX) - Today, the White House announced the membership of the newly-formed White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council. The Council will provide advice and recommendations to the President on strategies for providing clean air, land, and water for all communities regardless of race, culture, or economic status. "I commend the White House for convening such a distinguished group to inform its policy choices in support of environmental justice," said Chairwoman Eddie Bernice …  Continue Reading 

March 26, 2021

Science Committee Leaders Introduce NSF for the Future Act

(Washington, DC) -Today, Chairwoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) and Ranking Member Frank Lucas (R-OK) along with Subcommittee on Research and Technology Chairwoman Haley Stevens (D-MI) and Ranking Member Michael Waltz (R-FL) introduced the National Science Foundation for the Future Act. This legislation increases the funding for more excellent research; advances research and development to address persistent challenges in STEM education across all education levels; addresses challenges for …  Continue Reading 

March 26, 2021

House Science Committee Leaders Release Joint Statement on AAPI Students

(Washington, DC) - Today, House Science Space, and Technology Committee Chairwoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) and Ranking Member Frank Lucas (R-OK) released a joint statement in support of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) students and researchers in the United States. "Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are a valuable part of our research community. Their contributions to academia, federal research, and our STEM workforce have been, and will continue to be, a critical source …  Continue Reading 

March 19, 2021

Chairwoman Johnson and Subcommittee Chairman Beyer Applaud Nomination of Senator Bill Nelson for NASA Administrator

(Washington, DC) - Today, President Joe Biden announced his intent to nominate former United States Senator and astronaut, Bill Nelson, to serve as Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). "I am pleased that the President has chosen Sen. Nelson to lead NASA, an agency that is one of the crown jewels of the nation's science and technology enterprise and a source of inspiration throughout the world," said Chairwoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX). "Through his …  Continue Reading 

March 18, 2021

Chairs Johnson and Beyer Congratulate NASA and Its Industry Partners on Successful Final SLS Core Stage Test

(Washington, D.C.) - Today, at Stennis Space Center in Hancock County, Mississippi, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) successfully completed a key test for what will become the world's most powerful rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS). The SLS core stage test was a simulation of performance during launch. Today's "hot fire" is the final in a series of tests, known as the Green Run. Today was the second time NASA conducted this test for the SLS core stage. The agency …  Continue Reading 

March 18, 2021

Chairwoman Johnson Introduces MSI STEM Achievement Act

(Washington, DC) - Today, Chairwoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) along with Research and Technology Subcommittee Ranking Member Mike Waltz (R-FL) introduced the MSI STEM Achievement Act. This legislation directs the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to compile an inventory of competitive funding programs at Federal science agencies targeted to minority serving institutions (MSIs) and recommends steps for agencies to increase the participation and the rate of success of MSIs in these …  Continue Reading 

March 17, 2021

Science Committee Releases Majority Staff Report on Scientific Brain Drain in the Federal Workforce

(Washington, DC) - Today, during the Investigations and Oversight Subcommittee hearing, "Brain Drain: Rebuilding the Federal Scientific Workforce," Subcommittee Chairman Bill Foster (D-IL) submitted a Majority staff report into the record on trends in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) workforce within federal science agencies following the sequestration in the early 2010s that impacted staffing within federal agencies and workforce-related actions taken by the Trump …  Continue Reading 

March 03, 2021

Chairwoman Johnson Introduces Gun Violence Research Legislation

(Washington, DC) - Today, Chairwoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) introduced the National Gun Violence Research Act. This legislation authorizes a national gun violence research program overseen by the Office of Science and Technology Policy and carried out by the National Science Foundation, National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of Justice. The national research program would examine the nature, causes, consequences, …  Continue Reading 

March 03, 2021

Chairwoman Johnson and Chair Grijalva Laud Department of Interior for Revoking ‘Open Science’ Order

(Washington, DC) - Today, Department of Interior Acting Secretary Scott de la Vega eliminated Secretarial Order 3369, originally signed in 2018 by Deputy Secretary of Interior David Bernhardt. The order sought to limit the types of research the Department could support and to exclude certain types of scientific information and data from consideration in policymaking. Acting Secretary de la Vega issued a new Secretarial Order 3397 which directs the Department to review the effects of the …  Continue Reading 

March 01, 2021

Environment Subcommittee Chairwoman Mikie Sherrill Introduces Flood Legislation

(Washington, DC) - Last Friday, Environment Subcommittee Chairwoman Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ) introduced two bipartisan bills that address flood research, data collection, and communications, the Flood Level Observation, Operations, and Decision Support (FLOODS) Act and the Providing Research and Estimates of Changes in Precipitation (PRECIP) Act. The FLOODS Act directs the National Weather Service to better predict, forecast, and communicate about flooding events, which will help communities …  Continue Reading 

February 18, 2021

Chairs Johnson and Beyer Congratulate NASA on Successful Landing of Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover

(Washington, DC) - This afternoon, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover successfully landed in the Jezero Crater, completing a seven-month journey to the Martian surface. Perseverance's main objective while on Mars is to search for evidence of ancient life and collect geological samples that are expected to be transported to Earth in subsequent NASA missions. Attached to Perseverance is the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter, which will be used to …  Continue Reading 

February 12, 2021

House Science, Space, and Technology Committee Democratic Caucus Organizes for the 117th Congress

(Washington, DC) - Today, the Democratic Caucus of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee held an organizational meeting to elect a Vice-Chair, Subcommittee Chairs, and to select subcommittee assignments. Chairwoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) said, "It is an honor and a privilege to welcome our new and returning Members to the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee and to begin a second term as Chairwoman. I am proud of the many bipartisan accomplishments of this …  Continue Reading 

February 03, 2021

Committee Members Celebrate Vacating of EPA Rule to Censor Science

(Washington, DC) - On Monday, U.S. District Court Chief Judge Brian Morris for the District of Montana granted the Biden Administration's motion to vacate the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) final rule for "Strengthening Transparency in Pivotal Science Underlying Significant Regulatory Actions and Influential Scientific Information." This decision follows Chief Judge Morris's ruling last week that the rule was illegally fast-tracked and inappropriately classified as a rule of internal …  Continue Reading 

January 28, 2021

Chairwoman Johnson Statement on NASA Day of Remembrance

(Dallas, TX) - Today, is NASA's Day of Remembrance, a day to honor NASA astronauts who lost their lives in the pursuit of advancing our nation's exploration of space. This year's Day of Remembrance falls on the 35th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy. Chairwoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) made the following statement. "Today, on NASA's annual Day of Remembrance, we pause to remember the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of exploration and …  Continue Reading 

January 21, 2021

Chairwoman Johnson Applauds President Biden’s First Day of Action

(Washington, DC) - Yesterday, following the inaugural events, President Joe Biden signed 15 executive orders on a range of issues, including COVID-19 response, climate change and the environment, and economic relief. The Biden Administration also released their National Action Plan for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic earlier today. Chairwoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) made the following statement. "I would like to congratulate President Biden and Vice-President Harris on their …  Continue Reading 

January 19, 2021

House Science, Space, and Technology Chairwoman and Senate Environment and Public Works Ranking Member Call for Improvements to EPA’s Chemical Health Assessments

(Washington, DC) - Today, the Chairwoman of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology and the Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works (EPW) released a new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO). The report found that political obstruction within the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) during the Trump Administration has significantly impeded the agency's ability to efficiently produce and publicly release Integrated Risk Information …  Continue Reading 

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