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Congressman Hall Welcomes New S&T Initiative

Jan 21, 2000
Press Release

In a speech at the California Institute of Technology, the President unveiled science and technology program highlights from the administration’s FY2001 budget submission.  Among the agencies slated for an increase are the National Institutes of Health, which would receive a $1 billion increase, and the National Science Foundation, which would receive a $675 million increase - 17% above the current funding level.  These increases would expand investments in health research, computer and communications technologies, nanotechnologies, biomass energy sources and higher education.

Ralph Hall (D-TX), ranking member of the House Science Committee, commented, “If we want to live longer, healthier lives and if we want to create new industries driven by emerging technologies, it is important to make wise investments in the future.  The initiatives detailed today are responsible strides towards those goals.”

Hall continued by saying that “We are reasonably confident that the long, non-inflationary growth of the 1990s has been tied in large part to technological innovations fueling new businesses and new jobs.  If we want to continue to enjoy this environment, creating more opportunities for everyone, it makes sense to invest in the next generation of technologies.”

The administration’s budget is due for formal public release on February 7, 2000.

106th Congress