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May 20, 2022

Chairwoman Stevens Reflects on Michigan Field Hearing on the Future of the Electric Vehicle Workforce

(Pontiac, MI) - Today, Chairwoman Haley Stevens (D-MI) hosted a Research and Technology Subcommittee hearing at the Oakland County Commission Chambers in Pontiac, Michigan. The hearing, entitled, “Building a Workforce to Navigate the Electric Vehicle Workforce,” gave Members an opportunity to explore the workforce needs for the automotive mobility and electrification industry in order to position the United States at the center of growth for electric vehicles (EVs). Witnesses discussed issues facing workers across the emerging EV ecosystem, including design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of EVs and charging infrastructure.
“I am thrilled with today's hearing on the electric vehicle workforce. It was an honor to be joined by my esteemed Congressional colleagues, Representatives Dingell, Ross, Tonko, and Norcross. I thank them all for their partnership and their tremendous leadership on this issue,” said Subcommittee on Research and Technology Chairwoman Haley Stevens (D-MI). “I was inspired by the depth of knowledge and dedication of our distinguished panel of witnesses. This discussion drove home the critical importance of the American worker to our success in growing a sustainable EV industry. Southeast Michigan has long been the heart of the automotive industry in this country. With the right approach, as detailed by today's panel of experts, we are poised to lead the way to a prosperous EV future.”