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April 30, 2019

H.R. 2397, the American Manufacturing Leadership Act


H.R. 2397, the American Manufacturing Leadership Act


Alliance for American Manufacturing

“The Alliance for American Manufacturing lauds the introduction of The American Manufacturing Leadership Act. Manufacturing USA was created to bolster domestic manufacturing by fostering collaborative innovation clusters that help manufacturers invent, adopt, and produce next generation technologies and products.

It is critical to our nation’s long-term success that investments in research and development translate to the transfer of new technologies and techniques to U.S. manufacturers and fabricators.  By bringing together government, industry and academia to cultivate innovation and R&D in emerging industries, Manufacturing USA’s network of manufacturing institutes is an integral part of this effort strengthen our economy’s competitiveness and create good manufacturing jobs right here in the U.S.

This bipartisan legislation will strengthen our innovation ecosystem by promoting more robust outreach to small and medium sized businesses, strengthening the institutes’ role in workforce development, and encouraging the establishment of additional manufacturing institutes to ensure the U.S. continues to be a global leader in manufacturing technology.”

- Scott Paul, President 

Association of American Universities

Association for Manufacturing Technology

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

The American Small Manufacturers Coalition

BPC Action

“The American Manufacturing Leadership Act would bolster the Manufacturing USA Program and Manufacturing Extension Partner Program to maintain our nation's competitive edge," says BPC Action Executive Director Michele Stockwell. "BPC Action applauds Reps. Stevens and Balderson for their bipartisan efforts on this legislation."

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

"The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation endorses the bipartisan American Manufacturing Leadership Act. This legislation affirms that the Manufacturing USA network of innovation institutes plays a critical role in revitalizing U.S. manufacturing and takes important steps to ensure that role continues. It authorizes federal funding for the institutes on an ongoing basis, contingent upon a competitive, merit-based review process, rather than phasing out as current law requires. It calls for the creation of new institutes to drive advanced manufacturing across a wider array of innovative sectors than is possible today. It enables the institutes to coordinate more effectively with one another and with the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, which will disseminate advances made by the institutes throughout the entire U.S. manufacturing supply chain. Congressional passage of this Act is an important step toward addressing significant weaknesses in the U.S. economy and improving the global competitiveness of American regions, producers, and workers."

- Dr. Robert Atkinson, President


"SEMI is pleased to offer its support for the American Manufacturing Leadership Act (H.R. 2397), the House bill to reauthorize Manufacturing USA Program and promote innovation as a means to help ensure continued growth in strategic industry sectors. SEMI’s members cover the end-to-end electronics manufacturing supply chain and will benefit by government investment in innovation as well as enhanced training and workforce development in advance manufacturing.”

- Mike Russo, Vice President of Global Industry Advocacy