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January 03, 2019

H.R. 34, the Energy and Water Research Integration Act of 2019


Chairwoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX)


H.R. 34, the “Energy and Water Research Integration Act of 2019”


Alliance to Save Energy with the Alliance for Water Efficiency; AVEVA, Inc.; Danfoss; and SWAN - The Smart Water Networks Forum

American Chemical Society

BPC Action

“We applaud the Energy and Water Research Integration Act, H.R. 34, sponsored by Reps. Johnson (D-TX) and Lucas (R-OK).

This bill correctly recognizes the interconnectedness of energy production and water utilization, and the need for a strategic focus at the federal level on R&D to develop technologies to decrease water consumption in energy production.

The Department of Energy (DOE) has played a critical role in supporting innovative technology to decouple electricity production from water consumption through efforts such as ARPA-E's ARID program, and the Energy and Water Research Integration Act is needed to bolster DOE's activities in this critical space.”

Dr. Addison K. Stark, Ph.D., Associate Director for Energy Innovation


"The House Science Committee May 1 approved legislation to direct the Secretary of Energy to include water into the DOE's research, development and demonstration programs. This includes RD&D through advanced cooling technologies for carbon capture systems utilizing water, as well as improving water use data for energy generation and fuel production. The bill does this in part by creating a subcommittee overseeing this nexus between water use and energy generation on the Department of Energy’s Energy Advisory Board as well as other relevant agencies and organizations."

Environmental Defense Fund

“EDF supports the bipartisan Energy and Water Research Integrity Act of 2019 (H.R. 34), which directs the Department of Energy to include the goals of increasing water use efficiency and minimizing freshwater withdrawals and consumption into the Department’s research, development, and demonstration programs for energy and energy efficiency.

“Energy and water are inextricably linked – and both are scarce resources. Water is used to produce electricity and energy is needed to treat and transport water.  As the challenge of climate change becomes more and more apparent, and continues to exacerbate water shortages, we need to be ever more efficient in our production and use of both energy and water. By requiring the Department of Energy to carefully examine a broad range of energy-related water efficiency technologies and practices, this bill takes an important step in giving long needed attention to the water side of that equation.

“This bill is an example of the practical, bipartisan, solutions-oriented approach we need in Congress. It does not solve every problem, but is shows we can make progress."

- Elizabeth Gore, Senior Vice President, Political Affairs, Environmental Defense Fund

National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners

Texas Tech University

Third Way

Union of Concerned Scientists

“The Union of Concerned Scientists supports H.R. 34, the Energy and Water Research Integration Act of 2019.

Our electricity sector is extremely water-intensive, with the power sector being responsible for the largest share of freshwater withdrawals in the U.S., chiefly for power plant cooling. This water dependence threatens the quantity and quality of water resources for other users and threatens the reliability of our nation’s electricity system. Energy-water ‘collisions’ are already happening and are likely to be further exacerbated by climate change.

UCS appreciates this bipartisan effort to drive innovation on energy-water issues through the Department of Energy’s projects and programs, and to help our nation’s power sector reduce its impacts and provide reliable service, under a range of operating conditions.”

John Rogers, Energy Campaign Analytic Lead, Climate and Energy Program