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The Committee on Science, Space, and Technology is taking action to solve today's pressing issues. 

From COVID19 to the Climate Crisis to American Leadership in Innovation - our members are working for a better future for all. 

We invite you take a deep dive into some of our priorities for the 117th Congress. 

Climate Change

Throughout the 116th Congress, the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology acted in the fight against the climate crisis. In this effort we held hearings, drafted and passed legislation, and moved the conversation forward on strong, innovative climate policy. Protecting our planet and serving as stewards for the next generation requires a coordinated effort. As we reflect on the progress made in the 116th Congress, we look forward to furthering our efforts as we continue the 117th Congress.

Scientific Integrity

Science does not have a political agenda. As we move forward with policy to better our country and scientific enterprise, we must ensure that federal scientists and agencies are able to do their work free of political interference.

When science is done well, it is because trained professionals can follow the data and subject their findings to rigorous peer review. The scientific breakthroughs of the past year, including the COVID-19 vaccines, have shown the remarkable accomplishments our scientists can achieve when they are supported, work together, and make science-based decisions.

Leadership in Science & Technology

Global competition in science and technology has emerged as an urgent bipartisan priority – and we are prepared to meet the challenge of our global competitors.

The Committee invests significant time and effort in understanding cutting edge technologies that will drive innovation and economic growth while protecting our Nation’s intellectual property and security.

The future of science and innovation is in cross-cutting, state of the art research conducted by our federal laboratories, federal scientists, and colleges and universities. Together, we will not only lead the world in innovation, we will also lead the world in solutions to today’s most pressing societal challenges.

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